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Help with English

Foundation and Key Stage One

Early Years specialists can help your child to improve their phonic skills, which is vital if they are to start to learn to read. Each lesson will provide a practical element to make it relevant, fun and memorable. Our teachers will help your child to make sense of letters, sounds and words and start on the journey of learning.

A trained Reading Recovery teacher can help those struggling with reading to make sense of texts. We have tutors who are experts in this field. The system, devised by Marie Clay, has a superb record in improving the reading age of children, and has proven long term benefits for their reading, writing and spelling. 

We have dyslexia specialists who can provide specific support for those living with the condition.

Key Stage Two English

Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tests have become harder in recent years. Even English graduates are baffled with terms such as “past progressive” and “subjunctive”. Our English teachers can explain these, and other, terms used in the Key Stage Two tests and help your child improve their writing skills, as well as develop a deep enjoyment of the subject. With our help, your child will “crack the code”.

Key Stage Three English

Private tutors can help pupils to progress, improve their reading and writing ability in a “safe” environment, free from the pressures of the classroom. With one of our excellent teachers, you or your child can be guaranteed to receive individually designed lessons.

GCSE English

Private tuition to help to prepare for an English GCSE exam is available with one of our personal tutors. We are experts, who have taught English at Secondary Schools and marked English Exam papers for a range of exam boards. They will be able to offer an insight to help your child gain valuable marks and improve their grade in these important exams.