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Key Stage One Maths

It’s never been more important to master the basics of mathematics. Maths tutors can help your child to practise key skills, using practical apparatus and a range of strategies to consolidate their understanding of number in a non-threatening environment, away from distractions and a fear of failure.

Key Stage Two Maths

The “new” curriculum challenges Primary children like never before. How many parents understand technical vocabulary like “constructing equivalence statements” or “distributivity”? Our private maths tutors are qualified specialists and can help your child master the skills they need to enjoy maths and make progress. They will also make sure that you can feel more confident about your ability to support your child and understand the “secret language” of the modern curriculum.

Key Stage Three Maths

Pupils often struggle with some of the concepts in Maths in Key Stage Three and feel embarrassed to ask for help in class. With private, individual lessons from patient, informed maths tutors, your child need not worry and the opportunity to ask questions in a “safe” environment without fear of “loss of face”, your child’s confidence will improve.

GCSE Maths

Our private maths tutors can help pupils to understand difficult concepts, practise vital skills and prepare for the GCSE maths exam. It doesn't matter how tough your child believes maths is, with a dynamic, patient teacher, the impossible can become possible.